Tuesday, September 16, 2008


ughh.. I know I said I won't stay up so late but I was looking for the "right" song to signify the day.
Took me HOURSSS!! Even with the "help" of Eeva, TJ and Julie. (They didn't help much. I'm incapable of feeling for the songs they suggested since I didn't came up with them myself.)
And I can't help it.. though this one would be a little too lovey dovey to mark 5 months but I really don't care. I really thought of you the first time I heard this song a few days ago.
Too much? No? I hope it isn't too much.

Jason Mraz feat. Colby Caillat - Lucky

Your speech earlier was really adorable even though you were talking about how you got irked. hahahaha!

gah.. My brain works so mysteriously.. just deal with it. (Although I haven't exactly accepted it myself.)

I should be going back to Seremban later today.. for about another week or so.. I don't know. Feels like the fasting month is passing by so fast.
It's been a rough week (mentally) so I'm absolutely giddy that I'm relatively normal again. (As normal as I can be, anyway.)


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