Monday, September 15, 2008

I will head to bed.

I lost my watch again.
It's annoying. I'm starting to think if I am just not meant to have it or there's an underlying meaning to why I keep losing it.
blah. I can't think of anymore places to look for it!

You know, a thought just came to my mind.. since I've always considered about getting a psych consult someday, how DO people get those anyway?
Go to the psychiatric ward and say, "Hello, I think I'm depressed." ??
Seriously, I can actually imagine myself saying that with a smile just so the person I'm talking to won't feel uncomfortable. hahha!

Okay. Going to bed now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanie, being following your thoughts for a awhile now and I can't help but find your 'depressions' interesting and amusing. I have never come across anybody quite like you, which makes you a unique person. You write very well and your writings come across as being very captivating - it makes me want to read more. I think, if you would give it a go, you would make a fine original writer.

Monkey's Bunny said...

that's a first.. I never had anyone being amused by my depression before.
thank you for the compliments.. but I'm not so sure I want to be remembered as the "depressed writer who writes about depression".. it's kinda.. depressing. hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha

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