Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It is your parents' fault.

Don't look at me funny.
It's true.

How you turn out today is based on your parents really. Whether they're THERE or NOT. The fact is that they're (supposedly) there as you grow up, as you learn your way around life.

They're the ones that should tell you how it is okay that you failed your first year Maths exam.. that you can try again, and do it better.. They're the ones who tell you not to start looking for a boyfriend until you're done with school. The ones who tell you that you should ask for MORE because you worth more than to just settle.

Nina was telling me something about someone she knew.. her stories.. about the things that the person did. It was mind boggling! Truly. The ONLY explanation I can find is that the parents didn't do a very good job raising them. Okay, that's mean.. but really!
One wouldn't act so stupidly if he or she was brought up smartly.
You know.. as much as my parents irks me sometimes.. I HAVE to be thankful that they are who they are. I could've had worse. hahaha!

Anyway, the conversation had actually reminded me of a book I saw in the bookstore last month. I couldn't help but laugh and reach out for it. I didn't buy it though.. that's a luxury I can't afford. haha!

I'm going to get my shower now.
I'd planned on having something really smart and witty to say on the subject but I've gone stupid and moodless. So.. 'til later!


Jangteh said...

You're right (as always). Parents play a major part in moulding their children's character and outlook on life. I have spoilt my children actually - they have never been canned for one - I can't bear seeing the hurt in their eyes. But I used lots of reasoning, discussions, talking it out etc. And exposures to different cultures, experiences. Gave them what they want, as long as I can afford it. My way is not perfect but I am quite happy with the way they have turned out. I am not perfect, they're not perfect, the world is not perfect. So we live as perfectly as we can in our imperfect ways.

Monkey's Bunny said...

ah well.. I think caning does very little to ensuring that children won't turn out to be spoilt. my parents would agree that I've received the most caning and other punishments compared to my siblings but I still turn out to be a brat! haha. (but then again I might just be too stubborn to let anything change me when I don't feel like changing myself.)

plus, I don't think physical pain being the consequence to when a child does something wrong would send the right message. but that's just me. (I just got more angry than hurt when I got caned. haha!)

Jangteh said...

kesian nya, sweet thing like you got canning. You must have been naugthy or stubborn. Yes, sagi can be very stubborn. I m sure it must have pained them to apply the cane to you.

Monkey's Bunny said...

for all I know they could have caned me untuk lepas geram! hahahha! but really.. I don't think I made things easier for them anyway.

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