Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Midnight Sun.

I can't stop thinking about it!
hahahha! man, I really do hope Stephenie Meyer will finish writing that book.

I asked the Boyfie last night if he'd read it yet and he said no. I wasn't expecting to be a little disappointed by that answer but honestly, it's not that important. I told him that and he easily said, "you wouldn't bring it up if it's not important."


Well.. so.. I came up with a theory for why I'm obsessed with the book. I mean, I have told you the reason for it but it's sort of making more sense now.. somehow.

Despite me disliking school (except for the part where it did not concern studying) I actually like learning very much. And maybe because I'm still trying to figure out my own psyche.. I sort of extended my curiosity towards other people's psyche as well.
I want to understand. I crave it.

So me, being a girl, can't help but wonder how a guy would think. About everyday life.. about love especially. (I am a girl after all..)
And perhaps that is also the reason why I keep hovering over guys' blogs. hahaha! They are the most interesting when they talk about their girlfriends.
Girls talking about their boyfriends are so typical. *points at self*

But really.. it needs to be a love love. One that is so full of hope. Unrequited love are painful to read, doesn't matter which side it's told from. (I would know, of course.)

And so, that is my excuse for not being able to stop myself from reading Midnight Sun again and again. It's really not that important. Just because it is significant to me, I don't think anyone should label it as "important" really :P

I'm currently listening to SM's Midnight Sun Playlist. I must say that I love the songs on it. Monsters by Matchbox Romance could be my favourite! hehe. The songs are definitely fitting with the whole mood of Midnight Sun. (for the part SM had shared on her website that is. The whole beginning of Edward and Bella..)

Perhaps I should try that.. have an actual playlist to set the mood when I write. Actually I have a couple of exercises that I should try during my so-called writer's block. (haha!) ughh.. I shouldn't laugh.
I should take myself seriously. *coughs*

Oh well.. anyway.. I kept listening to this all afternoon yesterday;

Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road

Though I always wondered to myself if I'd done the right things when I did them.. I can't make myself to want to change my past for fear of changing my present. It's really not too bad.. how things are right now. I still have things to be grateful for, and I am. Thankful. So, bless the broken road! haha!


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