Friday, September 26, 2008

Mystical or magical.

"Cino uddhu' wong"
heehee. I just can't get that out of my head. I definitely think that Javanese feels or thinks that they are simply superior than the others. Which we probably are. HAHAHAHAHA!!

Have you seen Puteri Gunung Ledang?
She's Javanese by the way. I saw that movie with my dad and after the show he told me a few things about ilmu sapu angin (how the princess and her brother travelled around) which I thought was amusing. I wonder if anyone can do that today.

I found out earlier this year that we are of royal blood from my grandmother's side. I gaped when I found out -- I always found things out late in life. blah. So anyway, apparently she had some royal blood in her but my grandfather was truly a commoner. I don't know if there really is a point in me telling all this but.. royalty = Puteri Gunung Ledang..? HAHAHAHHA!!

So Nina and I were discussing it last night. Our "mystic" powers -- or if we had any. I think Nina has it. She used to get really telling dreams which are so straight forward. I get a few but.. they needed to be deciphered. hehe.
Plus, if you're a guy.. you wouldn't want to mess with Nina. Bad things may happen to you. (err.. even my brother in law isn't excluded from this one since bad things did happen to him.)

I can't help but be in awe by her stories. I wish I was that cool. hahaha!
Unless you can count being lucky as mystical. haha! Still kinda boring in comparison. Just because I win more things than my sisters.. it doesn't mean anything really. Especially since I feel like I'm running out of luck -- which blows, big time!
But anyway.. apparently my parents used to ask ME to pick things or numbers when I was little because THEY think I'm lucky too. (I don't remember this..) Nina reminded me that we'd won something with my choice.. (and never won anything with Nina or Dida's choice.)

Anyway, luck = boring!
Especially since I've been using that word to express my gratitude. It's getting a bit typical.. I know it's silly but I wish I was more than just ME. gahh! I'm bored, and an absolutely boring person. yuck.

Okay, I need to stop thinking about me me me me ME and join Nina in the kitchen.. ♥


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