Monday, September 29, 2008

Night race.

Now, this is rare.. but I'm actually going to touch something on the current events! (zomg!!)

So.. I didn't like the Singapore GP -- and no, not because neither of the Ferrari cars managed to get a point.
For one, the night race didn't really seem like a night race. I definitely prefer my idea of a "night race". (Imagine the cars painted with glow in the dark paints and the streets are lined with glow in the dark/fluorescent strip.) Okay, I didn't say that it was going to be safe, but really.. can you honestly say that the current Marina Bay circuit is "safe"?

With the high kerb (chicane..?) at Turn 10 (I think..?) and bumpy roads -- which had caused some cars to emit sparks on their tails; which I had actually find amusing. hehe. (Reminds me of sparklers.)
I don't know.. I guess I was just expecting MORE.
And lets face it.. the Malaysian GP's trophy looked WAAAAAYYY cooler than the Singapore GP's trophy. hahahaha!

Okay, no more dissing the Singapore GP. Boyfie could probably think of some good thing about it though.. hmm.. I wonder if it's patriotism when you complain about the neighbouring country's event. hahahaha!

Anyway, Malaysia isn't going to have a night race as it had been proposed for next year. (Not to have another night race, but to accommodate those European fans apparently.) Instead, FIA agreed that the race time will be at 5pm instead of 3pm as it has been in the previous years.
yippeeee!! No more sunburn! hahahha! I'm excited about THAT! (it took me weeks to get rid of the tan line I got from watching the race in March!)

Okay, I'm going to stop writing now so I can eat. Plus, I don't think I'm using the proper grammar here. I've been sleepy -- but stubborn. Very very stubborn.
Have a good week, everyone! ♥

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Shahnon!


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