Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nina the historian.

It's incredible what I've learned from her in the past few days.
I admit that I myself is an incredibly forgetful person.. but really! She remembers a WHOLE lot of things that I can't seem to remember.

Like how I would push my father's buttons. hahaha! I'm such a terrible child. (Evil spawn.) I honestly wouldn't know what to do if MY child turns out to be like me. I pray that my future spouse will be able to handle Wanie Jr.
Maybe I could avoid that from happening by planning my pregnancy; must - not - have - Sagi - child! (you should know that I always end up blaming my zodiac sign by now.)

Me and Nina were talking the other day.. how grateful we are that we weren't born.. ugly. (I'm afraid there isn't a better word to say it.) Because lets face it (no pun intended), your tolerance level towards stupid, yet pretty people are usually higher than for stupid AND ugly people.
So yah, we're THANKFUL that we're not ugly.. so even when we say the stupidest things, (such as this) people can't hate us so much. *bats eyelashes*

We were talking earlier about Dida.. ngumpat, hahaha!! about the kind of man that she is looking for. If she KNOWS what kind of man that she wants. Nina said that it had always been clear to her that she wants a man who loves her more than she loves him, and she found that man in my brother in law. Good for her. As for me, I want someone whom I can talk with. Nina said that'd sound easy enough.. but of course, she'd forgotten that little fact where I - DON'T - SHARE my real feelings and thoughts to just anyone.
So now I'm sort of looking forward to seeing Dida and ask her if she has that ONE thing she looks for in a guy.

I've been spamming my blog these past few days haven't I?
Seems like there's been a bunch of random thoughts in my mind..
Should head to bed now. Goodnight world.


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