Monday, September 01, 2008

No, this is not interesting.

I honestly need to find something new to read.
Since I got to Seremban, (okay.. one week) I've only brought myself to (re)read Breaking Dawn. (yes yes, I should grow tired of it by now) I suppose.. until a particular book isn't embedded to my memory I wouldn't mind so much reading it over and over again.
I might reread Twilight tomorrow.. or Pride and Prejudice, I don't know. I know that I'll steer away from The Alchemist for now. Love stories, I can handle.. personal legend -- I don't think so.

btw.. I've brought more books than "outside"-clothes when I came here. I'm such a geek.

Nina's entire family is sort of down with a cough and flu thing. I'm somehow immune to it, naturally. It'd usually take a super-virus to knock me down, and when it does.. I'll bring everyone else down with me. HA HA HA HA!
Well, it's not intentional.. it's just how things are. sigh.

shoot! It's 3am and I've only been rambling.
It's ridiculous how happy you can make me feel, hun.
Ridiculously amazing, considering you don't have to do much at all.

Oh, to all Muslims.. Happy Ramadhan!!
Despite being caught off guard this year, (I've been.. pretty self-absorbed lately that my mom had to text me the niat puasa for me to realize that Ramadhan starts TODAY) I actually like Ramadhan. I'm not crazy about the Eid, but Ramadhan has always made me feel.. calm. (Probably from the lack of satans' whispers! hahahha!!)


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