Sunday, September 14, 2008

So help me God..

Boyfie once said to me that "you don't need religion to tell you what's wrong and right" (I'm paraphrasing.. I don't remember his words exactly but that was basically it.)
He probably doesn't, but I do.
Oh, the things I would do if there aren't rules...

I'm depressed again. And it's not because my mind was going crazy.
If a breaking point is possible.. that was probably it.
Never have I felt the need to not be ME as strongly as I do right now. If my attitude had sucked so much, dear.. then it is best that I not be myself, no? I'd never imagined myself having to fake around the people who are supposed to be my own flesh and blood.. That was a bit like a slap in the face.
Ah well.. I'm always wrong about these things, I shouldn't be so surprised anymore.

Can't a plane crash right on top of me? At least that way it wouldn't exactly be my fault when I die.. even though I'd asked for it.

I am so upset.. I can't find anymore words.. I'm so sick of crying all the time.

Paramore - Conspiracy


Sarah H said...

God will help u when u REALLY ask for it. U just have to believe :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

Sarah, is that youuu?

I have no trouble in believing just so you know.. being patient, now that's a different story.

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