Sunday, September 07, 2008


I must apologize.
I haven't got anything cheerful to share with any single soul, it's pathetic. I mean, poor Boyfie 'coz he kept having to listen to me rant every night (even when I said I didn't want to talk about it! hahahha!!)
Sorry. But thank youuuuu!

It's annoying when all I want to do is brood and no one had felt like leaving me alone.
I think Dida wants Nina to tell me something more than what she'd told me last night, but she's waiting for me to cool down after my reaction.
I honestly can't lie about my feelings.
I can't even fake with my voice.. and my face is a dead giveaway. gah! I need to practice my poker face.
Oh God, I hope they'll just let it go. How is the truth helping me, I don't know.. but if Nina starts, I shall tell her to let it go. I don't think I can handle knowing the reasons to why I didn't get that darn job -- unless she's going to tell me that I just "sucked", 'coz that -- believe it or not, I can handle.

On a different note, Nina said that she read somewhere that a diet of carbs will make you wrinkle more. How unattractive.. fat AND wrinkly??
But then she said that's why it's good to be fat; so you'll stretch those wrinkles and they'll be gone! hahahha!!

Anyway, there's a big chance that I'm going back Shah Alam next weekend. My mind is trying to work out some plan for it. Should I call my friends and make some plans or should I just spend time at home in front of MY computer and talk to my online buddies instead? hahahha!! (I can't believe I'm actually weighing those choices.)
hmm.. how should I spend two days and two nights..

I'm so sleepy right now..
Being mentally and emotionally stressed does not do good to the body.


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