Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I think I'm dying.

Little pieces of my heart that breaks apart,
the parts of my brain that dulls away.
When I say that I am dying, I did not mean that I am dying,
It is the essence of me that is waning.
I am running out of things to say, words cannot convey the feeling that I'm feeling.

Wish I could tell you everything, things that runs through my mind. But for that to be possible you'll need to look into my eyes and listen to the beats of my heart. So I'm sorry that I said it was nothing when you asked. I honestly cannot form any words to tell you what you'd otherwise just know.

But I'm me and you're you. You're there while I'm here.
So here I sit as still as I can just gasping desperately for air while I tell myself not to cry.

Who can help me now?
Stupid stupid stupid.
Shit shit shit.

uh.. so..
I may not be clinically depressed, but is there an appropriate word to call myself when I feel as crappy as I do right now?
I am honestly just.. exhausted.

Oh, this song does NOT mean anything to me.. but it sounded as sad as I'm feeling. Somehow. What ever. Shutting up now.

McFly - POV


HFX said...

yeah i felt like crap last night too.

took a buncha pills and knocked myself out wheeeeeeeeee


Monkey's Bunny said...


see, that's why I never asked for pills.. I'll just abuse it :P

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