Monday, October 06, 2008

Wanie rhymes with Dummy

(In the cinema)
I whipped out my lip gloss and started to apply them

[Dida] sempat.. kau nak ngorat sape?
[me] Shia LaBeouf
[Dida] bongok!

Anyway, we saw Eagle Eye earlier and really enjoyed it! I can't figure out why some people hated it. bah.
Dida and I talked about it all the way home from Midvalley. Like really.. Aaaaall the way home.

Well, I must say it's a nice little change after the conversation we had the night before. I like having serious talks but when the topic revolves mainly around relationships, I can't help but get uncomfortable. It's the one topic where reading about it does not matter. It does not matter how many philosophical or psychological articles you've read because some things are probably meant to not be understood.

The one topic where what ever that comes out from my mouth sounds like a complete hogwash -- to me at least. Boggles my mind why anyone would listen to me anyway. I SUCK at relationships.
mmph. I better stop now before I start saying things that you don't want to hear/read.

Oh, Dida and I talked about people's first impression on us. Perhaps it's a Malaysian-school orientation thing; apparently she once had people write up their first impression on her in school and so did I. I still have the paper even. (Oh yes, I do. The paper is 6 years old now!)

We were in a group of twelve, so I have one person who thought that I was enthusiastic, another said I liked to smile, two said I was inquisitive, five said I was friendly and two said I was talkative.

I wish I am talkative when I should be talking.
But here's the truth.. the closer a thing is to my heart.. the more my lips are closed shut. It's like a list of sequence;
1. stay quiet
2. idiotically stare into nothing
3. wait out until my heart becomes numb

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I wish I could pop my eyes out and mail them out. On a piece of scrap paper, I'd write; Read that please. Once you're done, I'd appreciate it if you'd send those back to me, thank you.

Somebody stop me from yapping. A shot of novocaine to my heart maybe. ha! Aren't I smart to use that word on a dumb blog entry.
Shut up Wanie..
ughh. Sometimes I feel like the only way I know how to live is by being miserable.

James Morrison - Love Is Hard


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