Sunday, October 05, 2008

Isn't it good to be in Malaysia?

My mom asked me if I wanted to come along to Low Yatt Plaza with her and my father. She wanted to look for an external hard disc and Dida asked her to buy a thumbdrive for her. And since I broke my 2nd Sony Ericsson earphone, I thought this is the right time to look for a new one. Those flimsy thing never lasted a year with me. blah.

And so.. here is the part where it is GOOOOOD to be in Malaysia. We are after all pretty known for our cheap fakes. hahaha!
Sure.. sure.. to get something of quality is ideal, but I don't mind all that much. My main focus while I was looking for an earphone is so I could drown out boring radio channels or mundane chatters while I'm on a public transport.

Since I have a thing for headphones that rests at the back of your neck, I got the HPM-83.
It cost me RM 75. (uhh.. okay, it cost my MOM that much. hahahha!) (yes, yes.. I am rottenly spoilt.)
I went to a store that sells the original product and the price was RM 299.
bahhahaha!! I knew the real thing would cost that much. pshh. I'm a cheap date kind of person anyway. Nobody should spend that much for me. Even I don't spend that much for myself. (err.. okay, how much was that James Morrison's ticket last year?)

Anyway, we'll see how long this headphone will last.
Oh, I finally shook my mom's hands today. She laughed. haha. My speech didn't sound like a speech at all; I was caught off guard. She'd wanted to give me duit raya even without me asking for forgiveness from her, and I felt bad for that.

My sisters reckons that I'm Mama's favourite daughter. I refuse to believe that -- I always thought Dida is her favourite. I'm nobody's favourite. I don't deserve to be anybody's favourite. I make too much trouble to be anybody's favourite.
I mean, sure my parents are pretty quirky in their own way but I doubt that they favour the daughter that are best friends with "trouble".
Point is; I don't deserve being anyone's favourite. It makes me feel bad. STOP MAKING ME FEEL BAD!

I'm finally listening to McFly's new album RadioACTIVE. LOVING the sound of this one;

McFly - Corrupted


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