Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya.. Raya..

3rd day of Eid.
Nina won't give me duit raya unless I go to her place in Seremban.. so yesterday I went with Papa.
We took the commuter train because Dida would join us after she made her round visiting her friends.. and well.. Malaysian public transports....

You know, it isn't really a transportation. Because to BE a mean of transportation, it should get you from point A to point B, so if you're stuck in one place for a long period of time, you're not exactly transporting to anywhere are you?

Anyway, at least I got a chance to pick my father's brain; Geminis.. great conversationalist.
I don't remember what exactly that we talked about but there's this one while we were waiting for the train at Central, that I remember very clearly so I could blog about;

[me] Pa, you never minded about the men your children will marry, do you? Racial wise..
[him] ..I prefer you'd marry a Malay.
[me] oh. *face goes blank*
[him] but you don't always get what you prefer.
[me] *laughs and pats his back* It's good that you keep that kind of attitude.

HAHAHAHAHA!! That bit just cracks me up everytime I think about it.

4th day of Eid.
Had another family day.
Nina, Jasmin and the kiddies came down to KL so we could all eat the very well known fish head curry at the National Stadium. One problem. They've moved!!!
Seriously.. whose mind was so twisted to move the famous "stadium fish head curry" in the first place?! It's a freakin' institution!!

It was noon -- we were all hungry.. so we drove around trying to decide where should we go for lunch. We were heading into center KL (Plan B: Beriyani at Restoran Insaf or Nasi Kandar at Restoran Yassin) while Dida gave me her phone so I could search the internet for info on the fish head curry -- and voila! The magic of digital age.

I found a review for Restoran Ahamed at Jalan Lumut (off Jalan Ipoh) which is formerly known as THE stadium fish head curry restaurant. *cheers!* Good thing that we found it too.. turns out Restoran Insaf was closed! hahaha!

I was invited to an open house tomorrow but I'm not sure if I could get myself out the door anytime before 5. hahha! It seems like no matter how early I went to bed these day I'm still not getting enough sleep. (I blame Dida.. her phone does not fail to ring every morning. It was messages yesterday, and her alarm this morning.)

It's been an okay Eid so far. Mama said she won't give me duit raya until I ask for forgiveness from her. hahahaha! I'm going to.. I'm going to.. I just need the right speech. I have one for Papa but I haven't got a chance to say it yet.

Oh, remember the other day when I mentioned about putting ads on my blog and how I will never have them? Well, an opportunity came knocking my door yesterday and I think I'm going to let it wait 'til Monday before I decide if I should let it in.
hmm.. I just can't decide.


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