Saturday, October 25, 2008

RM 33 for a (cute) knickers??

Which part of the term "cheap date" don't you get? hehe.
Come to think about it, the best date I had was this one time when the guy brought me around KL.. by bus! hahha! gah! I probably should be embarrassed by that fact.

I had an incredibly long day. Decided to kick myself out of the house so I could actually spend some money. Somehow I got hold of Cik Alia and weeeeeeee! I got a shopping buddy.
I'm just going to write about the things that popped out through the day though.

1. I must thank God for not fating me to slip down the steep hill and break my neck as I made my way to the commuter station after the bus decided to take a different route.

2. We had lunch at Chilli's.. and as we were talking and eating, I lit up my second ciggie and one of the waiters came over and said, "miss, can I see your ID?" HAHAHHAHA! I was really just laughing as I handed my ID to him. After he checked my birthdate, he said he was sorry that he had to ask. haha! Well, thanks..?

3. I went to Amcorp Mall for the first time today (Dida works in the building now) and I find it incredibly dull.

4. I'd only spent RM5.20 on transportation for the entire day!

5. It's amusing how people had pictured me as the "good, naive girl". Alia asked me a couple of questions earlier and me being me; when somebody asks me a question straight forwardly, I'd answer them just as straight and forward -- and my answers had apparently caught Alia by surprise.
It was amusing to see her expression though.

6. Johanz (Alia's boyfriend) was very polite! I've never seen him around anyone older than our age.. so it was.. impressive! haha!

7. Alia and I spent about 7 hours together but we didn't take a single picture of us being together!! What's up with that??

dude, I looked like I was just harassed by a mob. So scruffy. So not cute.

8. I spent money today and not just on transports and food! whoopee!

9. I should be sleeping 'cause I had a looong day! (Woke up before 9am.. came home past 2am -- because I tagged along Dida hanging out with her friends.) But I had to get out of bed just now as I needed to pee. Then I had trouble shutting my eyes.

10. blablabla blablaa. There are only 9 things that popped in my mind right now, but stopping a list at the 9th item feels weird.


Jangteh said... looked perhaps like a school girl smoking.
2.Amcorp Mall on sunday is alive with pasar something (can't remember the exact word) - antiques, oddities, old records, etc.

i love to look at the many keris-es on display there. expensive though becoz they're old ones.

Monkey's Bunny said...

yeah, probably. my distant relatives still asks me what "form" am I in.

Jangteh said...

You looked like you have being harassed by your own 'depression' 8-)
but looked cute, nevertheless...

Monkey's Bunny said...


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