Friday, October 31, 2008

What a lovely morning..

Bahijah A Wahid is awake. 10:04

Mohd Kamal Nizam at 10:07 on 31 October.
Knock Knock

Wanie Idris at 10:09 on 31 October.
me too!
I've been getting calls from orang salah nombor hokeyy.. sangat sakit hati! dahla dia cakap india!! grrr. degil pulak tu! orang dah kate wrong number dia call lagi.. pastu Wanie malas angkat dah, dia call lagi.. caaall lagi. CAALL LAGI!! ughhh!! sejak pukul 8:50!!!!!!!
SAYE TENSION!! bloody idiot indian. buat habis battery orang je phone asyik vibrate.
(oh, he's calling me again now.)
I swear, kalau you ade sini, you'd think that I am SO HOT dapat phonecall every 2 minutes! okay.. I'm venting.
sorry I'm venting at your status. hahahha! saye geram.

Bahijah A Wahid at 10:11 on 31 October.
hahahahaha... just ask your dad to answer it for you.
I bet he's looking for his cheating girlfriend, wanting to know where she went last night.

Wanie Idris at 10:12 on 31 October.
my dad takdeee! I'm home alone. (party?)
and the dude isn't looking for his cheating girlfriend. cheating boyfriend kot sebab dia carik chandra.

Bahijah A Wahid at 10:17 on 31 October.
hahaahhaha.. chandra can be a girl name also. maybe the other guy for his cheating girlfriend.

Wanie Idris at 10:21 on 31 October.
this dude is SO adamant that he's calling chandra's number. menyampah btol. ade hati tanye chandra keje kat hospital. dia ingat I kenal chandra kot. grr

Wanie Idris at 10:23 on 31 October.
bloody hell.. he's convinced that he's been calling 016.

Bahijah A Wahid at 10:24 on 31 October.
:)) hahahah probably he thinks chandra is like mike. Everybody must have known chandra in their life just like any we know mike.

Bahijah A Wahid at 10:25 on 31 October.
He cant tell the different between 9 and 6. Dyslexia kot

Wanie Idris at 10:26 on 31 October.
idiot kot T_T

Bahijah A Wahid at 10:28 on 31 October.
hahahahaha.. tukar numberlah wanie.

I think he's excited that when he called chandra he gets a wrong number.. and what do you know.. a cute girl answered his call. How awesomely odd can it be. So he is just trying to get to know you

* trying to put myself in his shoes*

Wanie Idris at 10:37 on 31 October.
duude, everytime I angkat, I cakap "hello" dengan penuh tidak-keseleraan.

Wanie Idris at 10:46 on 31 October.
obviously my malay dah berterabur. I blame the lack of sleep.

Bahijah A Wahid at 20:41 on 31 October.


Jangteh said...

Maybe you talked like a bangla :-)

Monkey's Bunny said...

I most certainly do not!

myhann said...

I also think men in baju melayu looks so hot. I dont know why. :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

they're weird like that.

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