Saturday, November 08, 2008

Comfort in sorrow.


Interesting word. I never knew that it had meant exactly that. I like it.

Anyway, Dida and I went to catch the new 007 movie, Quantum Of Solace. hmm.. let's see.. what can I say about it? If you'd like to see an example of such a thing as "too much action", you should see this film.
Perhaps I was expecting too much out of it but it was really.. really.. disappointing. It practically had NO STORYLINE at all! I mean, I like continuation-sequels really. I think it's cool. Quantum Of Solace is a continuation of Casino Royale, but I don't like the fact that if you had not watched Casino Royale, you would have NO IDEA what this one is about! It really was.. that empty.

Sad, really.
Basically the film was only a filler to the next one -- which renders it completely unnecessary. So if you're one of Astro's movie package subscriber.. just wait 'til Star Movies get the rights to show it. hahahhaha. I'm being mean, aren't I?

There's a possible explanation to that though. As I'm typing this out, Arsenal is having Man United for lunch. Sad. I hate that I get emotional about sports. Which is why I can't -- and should never bet on sports. My brain is able to anticipate what will happen but my heart.. my hopes always trumps my better judgment. hahahha!
With that said, I'm betting that my Premier League Picks for this weekend is going to suck!

Also.. something else that sucks; the song on the opening credits for Quantum Of Solace.

wtf. Ferguson decided that he should take Anderson out so Giggs could go in.
Seriously. All these old people should retire.
And please, can we return Berbatov? Please? I'm asking nicely here.
wtf. Teves for Rooney. gah!
I'd like to see Ferguson do something crazy like get all the "defenders" out of the field and replace them with strikers instead. What's the point of having "defenders" when they can't defend? Honestly! Why bother?


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