Sunday, November 02, 2008


Paramore - Decode

Paramore ♥
I actually just really listened to it and the lyrics. hahaha ♥

It's been a pretty quiet Sunday -- which is what I needed. Kinda.
My cousin Ain got married yesterday, and my morning started with a phonecall from Papa that it was already half past eight. (The akad will be at 10.) Basically my morning didn't start very well since I had a lousy sleep; Dida was coughing throughout the night and everytime she did, it'd wake me up.
blah. I wasn't always a light sleeper, but I've been one recently. Annoying.

Oh, should I mention that I wasn't feeling so well when I wake up? I was phlegmy. yuck. I spent more time in the bathroom than I usually would trying to get rid of those.

Anyway, later that night was the reception at the Subang Golf Club. I wasn't expecting to do any work but when I got there, my unc and aunt had asked me to do a few things.
1. carry the HUGE bags of bunga telur (which wasn't exactly in the traditional look of a flower. You know.. modern style wedding; the eggs were in little boxes) which was REALLY heavy.
2. usher the guests to their designated tables.
3. arrange the eggs and cakes ("freebies" for guests to bring home) into baskets.
4. distribute the cakes to the guests.
5. distribute chocolates to the little kids.

Well, I did that before I got a headache. That wasn't fun. I asked Nina to do a lobotomy on me but she was too busy nursing Aqilah. hahahha!

Anyway, it's November. For what ever reason I'm kinda excited that it's November.
I'm looking forward to the F1 race later tonight. hehe. Should be exciting!


myhann said...

Hahahaaa banyak juga Kak Wanie buat kerja semalam :P

Monkey's Bunny said...

haha! naseb baik semua buat kejap2 je. hehhehe

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