Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dramedy dramedy...

So there's been a bit of drama in my life lately. With things not going my way.. people being jerks.. but I don't know, as I was sitting in my bed earlier.. staring at the bookshelf while I muster the strength to pick myself up and get my legs to take the steps that will take me to the bathroom, I find myself smiling.. and chuckling at the fact that my life is what it is..

Ah well, I do have a weird sense of humour.
But can you imagine how would I be if my sense of humour had been normal? I can laugh at the most unlikely things and still I feel very low sometimes. hmm.. I just came up with a theory for that but I don't feel like typing it out right now. Maybe someday if I brought on the subject again.

Been trying to book a ticket for Twilight this Thursday, but they're all FULLY BOOKED!! wtf. I'm going during the day! And I only want A ticket!! grr.. Guess I'll have to just go and stand in line like "normal people" and pray that there will be good seats left. sigh.
Plenty of seats left in Signature, but do I want to spend RM15 for a movie that I might be disappointed in?? gahh!

So I've been thinking..
ANYONE HERE WANTS TO GET ME A LAPTOP? hahahaha!! (talk about random. I've been doing that this past few days somehow.) Because I remembered something about a band that calls out to their fans to donate instruments.. anything, really and they promise to thank them on their album -- and they did! Apparently there was a long list of names on their album leaflet. Can't remember what band it was...
So anyway! Anyone wants to get me a laptop? heehee. I'll thank you in my book (if I get it done -- AND published, that is) for sure! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Funny Facebook group: click!
These people are probably serious, but I still find it amusing.

And now, before I leave..
wo ai ni, Lim Ai Liang!!
hahahahhaha. (Your Chinese name sounds cute, really..)
I miss you miss you miss youuuu!


Anonymous said...

i love you tooo wanieeeee

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