Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nothing but affection.

Kinda weird.. kinda amazing.. honestly I don't have words to describe my day. Well, I'd rather not say some of the things. I love to keep things private. Some things anyway. Like a secret. A really big secret that only two persons share.. hahahha! Honest to God, nothing really kinky went on. hahahhahha!

Oy, I'm driving myself mad. I should go to bed and rest.
Poor Boyfie had eyebags too 'cause he didn't get enough sleep as he was worried about me last night. Sylly Sylly boi.
I love you soooo!

sigh. I think I'm gonna pour my heart out on my Moleskine. I wrote some idiotic things earlier (because I was feeling pretty idiotic) so I need to rectify those. double sigh. I can't wait 'til noon tomorrow. (Well, after the kind of day that I had.. I just hope that I'll get a decent enough amount of sleep!)

Oh! Here's a tip for those who intends on staying at a backpackers' hostel;
it is smart to bring slippers/thongs so you could move around the toilet without having your shoes getting wet.
err.. yeah. So maybe you didn't need anyone to tell you that but I wish someone had told me!

mmph. I wish I had a memory card reader at my disposal. Could've uploaded some pictures! gah. (Not that I took many. sigh.) I should snap a bunch of pictures like a mad woman tomorrow. yosh!


Jangteh said...

When a woman says: "nothing really kinky went on", it almost always means there is something like that going on.

HFX said...

time to update the illuminaughty answers, wanie. XD

Monkey's Bunny said...


well, I did say "nothing really kinky went on", but only to say that I wasn't being completely innocent. nothing more, nothing less.

and there is no rule about having to update the illuminaughty answers Hafiz :P

Jangteh said...

Ha ha ha...

nothing really kinky = something kinky

Monkey's Bunny said...

now aren't I scandalous? :P

Jangteh said...

The Witching Moments...

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