Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Umm.. so..


Been a while. I haven't been on a hiatus just so you know. Not an intentional one anyway.
My mom installed a virus on my sis' laptop so she's getting it fixed. It's amazing how dependent I've become to the internet. I'm surprised at how much it's been my source of distraction! bah.

Anyway, I'd love to upload a few pics of my trip to Singapore but for what ever reason the external hd that I brought from home isn't working right now. The red and green led kept blinking back and forth and I hope that doesn't mean that I broke the thing. Dida would be pissed. eeep!
And I will be sad!! ughhh.
Oh, I'm at an internet place in Section 2 btw. I absolutely hate the big ass monitor that they have. grr.

hmm.. Nothing much to tell really. I've typed up a long-ish message to Eeva.. doodled a bit in my Moleskine yesterday.. and sort of saving up my excitement 'til I see Cik Alia (hopefully sometime this week) so I could tell her my stories with full enthusiasm like she'd wish that I would.

Ran out of things to do and write now. Soo.. I think I'll go home and just pray that the laptop will be back soon. I SO want to upload pictures!! hahahha.
Oh crap. I thought I'd sent a text to the Boyfie when I got here. sigh.
Really hope I'll get to log on at the comforts of home next time...

'Til later then..


HFX said...

cc section 2 ada yg bagus ke? as far as i remembered, most cc in shah alam suckz balls. like, makin you feel like punching the person who jaga the kaunter lmao.

nway update lah wanie the illum blog, not fair lah like this wan XD

Monkey's Bunny said...

I was expecting that it'd suck balls.. but turns out connection laju juge. not bad lah. and pretty new comps too. they've improved a LOT basically.

and. there's nothing to update :P
even if there was.. nobody ever mentioned about having to update it. so no. no no no wayy

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