Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I guess my "next entry" would be now.
I stole this from Hannah's;

Your birthday:
December 13th 1984

People have same birthday as you?
Jamie Foxx, Tom DeLonge, Amy Lee

Would u rather play or watch football?

What sport would u say you’re good at?
bowling..? hahahhaha! I'm not good in any sports really, but I'm less pathetic at bowling and volleyball.

What was your worst nightmare?
hmm.. I dreamt that my family was killed off one by one in front of me by people who travels around in a fold-able red airplane. (Guns included.) There was no rhyme or reason to it. They just came and shoot around. The awful part was that I could see their souls as it leaves the body. I woke up crying.
I was twelve.

Apples or oranges?

Grapes or watermelon?
Are the grapes seedless?

Wolves or tigers?
Wolves are cool, but I'm a cat person.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Anything with strings really.

Have you ever written poetry / poem?
A terrible one? Sure!

Do you remember birthdays?

Do you know what time u were born?
6:29 am

Do you have a birth mark? where?
I don't see it.

Are you a sweet person?
Only when I want something ;)

What were you doing before you started filling this in?
Sent an email to Dida.

What were you doing yesterday?
Did laundry, went out, had picnic with Ana at KLCC Park.

What about today?
Surf the internet, sent emails, blogged, walked to the grocery store..

What is your favourite gun?
water gun!

Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?

What is the first thing you notice about someone? (opposite sex)
the expression they had on their face

What’s your favourite smell?
something baking in the oven

Favourite songs that you hear often?
Blue October's, Paramore's, James Morrison's.

What are you thinking about right now?
sleep. I'm thinking about sleeping. How lucky other people are to have a good night's sleep.

What is your favourite disney movie of all time?
The Little Mermaid.

What colour are your eyes?
dark brown.

Who is your crush now?
no one..?

What kind of hair do u like on the opposite sex?
the kind that feels good when you run your hands through it. hahahha. But if it's strictly-looking only, short. I like 'em short.

Who do u want to go steady with?
..I'm already going steady with someone!

Sunrise or sunset?
tough one. Sunset.

What happened this few days?
a bunch of nerve-wrecking situations which were amusing somehow.

what does the review say?

Where can you see yourself going for your honeymoon?
Santorini!!! hahahha I wish! Someplace boring would be fine -- then we wouldn't have to make excuses for not having that many pictures when we get back since we'd spend all our time in the bedroom.

My ex is:
alive, so I've heard.

Maybe I should:
get lunch. Or shower. I can't decide. oh, my tummy just grumbled. Lunch then.

I love:
being in love.

I don’t understand:
myself, most of the time.

I lost:
the watch a good friend gave me :( And I love that watch! (still hoping that I'll miraculously find it someday.)

People say I’m:

Love is:
forceful, apparently.

Somewhere, someone is:

I will always:
love you.. I will always stay true.. (singing to Regine Velasquez with Jacky Cheung's song) hahhaha!
I will always confuse myself, really.

Forever seems:
soooo... loooong...

I never want to:
feel alone.

When I wake up in the morning:
I'd wish for more sleep.

Parties are:
awesome when you invite the right people.

My dog is:

Kisses are the worst when:

Today I:
feel weird. Sort of off.. but not quite.

Tommorow I:
will embark on a journey! hahahha!

I really want:
Boyfie, please!

I have low tolerance for people who:
are simple minded.

If I had a million dollars:
DOLLARS, eh? Pay my debts, build a house, buy an apartment, travel to where my friends are.


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