Tuesday, December 09, 2008

curse December..

Let's see.. I'm beginning to think that December kinda sucks.
Actually.. I think that EVERY SINGLE year.. it's like.. every bad things of the year happens in December. Earthquakes.. tsunami.. landslides.. floods.. my birth.
HAHHAHAHAHHA! (not that funny, I know.)

What's amusing though.. is how people born in December ought to be lucky and stuff.. I'm beginning to think that they're lucky because they survived despite all the bad things that happened.
Way to go. I feel so special now.

Wee morn of last Sunday had felt like a nightmare to me. It'd felt as if I was stabbed in the heart and as I fell and lay sprawled on the cold floor with my life ebbing away, my stabber stood over me smirking as he admired the blood soaking the front of my shirt and spreads across the floor.
Oh yes, I do feel like a writer for coming up with those words to describe how I'd felt. But oh, I'm a brat. My "hardships" is laughable, honestly so I won't go into details. Enough to say that I should be locked up for my stupidity and extremely lame hopefulness. I could cry if I hadn't felt like I was dying and rotting at the same time.
Who am I kidding? I did cry. hahhaha! Been a while since I'd felt as low as I did. Ah well.. things got slightly better though.
Just slightly. What ever.

I'd like for this month to be over please.


Girl That Jumps said...

hahahaha.. somehow whenever this particular month come, you'll have some sort of a reminder that your birthday is on its way. Be it a happy or a grim post. :P

So happy birthday in advance in case i've forgotten about it later :P


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