Monday, December 01, 2008

Hello Monday..

How was everybody's weekend? heh.
Mine was.. a bunch of things.

See.. Friday night, I went to bed feeling kinda.. off, but I had a funny dream the next morning that I'd actually snorted and smiled when I opened my eyes. I thought it'd look pretty freaky if someone had seen me.

I spent the whole of Saturday in front of the telly. There was the Australia's Next Top Model marathon on V. haha! Although I did watch No Reservations on Travel & Living. Seeing Anthony Bourdain in Saudi Arabia was really cool. I don't know.. he wasn't as snarky as he usually was but the show was still entertaining. It was amusing 'cause they were laughing so much.

Sunday was fun. It was Ana's birthday and though she had things planned over in OU (it's hard for me to get there) I couldn't bring myself to say no to her. (It's Ana after all..) I love youuuuu!

So as I was heading to KL Central on the commuter, the guy next to me kept finding things to talk about. He wasn't the Manir-type, so I couldn't think of anything to ask him -- not even his zodiac sign! *cue dramatic sound* That's a first right? hehehe. He managed to comment on my face (that I look like 18 or 20), that I could look elegant if I was wearing contacts (HAHHAHAHA!!), that the colour I was wearing looked good on me (I just shrugged at this one). Then when we got to Central, we both stood up and he made another comment; "oh, you're tall when you stand up." HAHHAHAHAHAHHA!! It's sad when guys had to make that kind of comment really. (sorry.)
Then when we both part ways he'd ask for my number again and I told him in a sing song; "You can't have it.." hahhahahhahahahaha!! Saying it that way was actually fun. Oh! The guy was 32. Why do I keep attracting old men, really??
I'd like to say that I'd much prefer to attract men about my age but I don't think Boyfie will approve. heehee!

Anyway, I met up with Ana and the bunch of guys she invited at this obscure karaoke place. There was Port, Zam and Otot. Amjad, Fariz and Bahijah came later. It was.. SO MUCH FUN!! I think Ana sang to EVERY song. hahahhaha!! She was really cute. I can't decide which song was the funniest; it's a tie between 4U2C's Fiona and Senario's Kerja. hahahahha!!
Anyway, it was a fun night.. ♥

Happy December everyone..


myhann said...

My weekends was awesome!! :D
Kak Wanie, tak habis habis dengan zodiac sign.
Ohmaigatt! Sama! Im always attracted to very older guys.

Suree said...

I love you so much for coming all the way from Shah Alam Wanieee!! Aaaaahh and your voice is reallyy2 nicceeee. Amjad dengar2 je dah cakap nicee. Jeless! Cute is tak sedap tapi okayylaa. Nice is sedapppp didengar telinga.. *hugs*

Anyway laki tu handsome tak? :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

Hannah, I'm not attracted to them! Diorang yang attracted to meee! T_T

hahhaha, Ana.. my pleasure!! I had SO MUCH fun!
and laki tu tak hodoh la.

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