Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hello Wednesday..

I'm so boooreeeddd!!
Being efficient numbs my brain.
If only I could stay in bed 'til noon. If only my dreams wouldn't keep surprising me every night. hahahha! sigh.

So I got out of bed this morning and took a shower while I wait on the washing machine.. hung the clothes and went out. Like really.. now I don't feel like going home 'cause I won't have anything to do. Make lunch? God!! I am not made for these homey-things!!!!

It's depressing really. Funny.. being efficient depresses me -- only because it means that I have nothing else to do!! hahahahha!!

bah. Anyway, I'm upset. I pray that somehow.. magically I will find the words to finish my manuscript.. or something. Then I'll find an agent, get my book published.. go on book tours.. make loads of money so I could build a house.. also buy an apartment.. take some time off and drag Boyfie to Europe..
I've said too much, haven't I?
ah well.. a girl can dream. (and yes, that is pretty much my conscious dream. My subconscious dreams makes less sense.)

Okay, I'm getting a lil self conscious now since my tummy keeps grumbling. I hate it when that happens. bah! Guess I'll go home and think of what to make on the way back..


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