Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bloody hell..

I've been on Skype all day and I keep getting messages from random people! For instance;
jom kuar.. kita skandal.. asalkan awak sudi, sporting, open-minded and berat x lebih 60kg.. camner? on x? serious ni
wtf? Even if I was desperate I wouldn't have gone for someone as superficial. Asshole.

mm.. this has been SUCH an unproductive day.. I'd spent all day looking at old pics and uploading them onto my profile. And now I feel a bit like I've been brought back to school.. I'm kinda pissy, but I won't talk about it. (Trying anyway.)
And I'd actually planned on doing the laundry! gah! Should've stuck to my plan.

Moving on.. Mraz's tickets are SO expensive!!!
Malaysia details | Singapore details
Money, aihaitchu!!


myhann said...

Euw, gelinya Ahmad104 tu. Aha

Monkey's Bunny said...


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