Saturday, January 17, 2009


Not too bad though. Just a hint of it, I can take it.
I wasn't really troubled or anything. I just blame the constant restlessness that I've been having in these past few days and bad.. bad sleep. (That one I blame Boyfie! hahaha!)

I can't believe that half of January has gone. Well, not that I'm not believing it but time seems to be passing so fast these days! Maybe it's just me. hehe. I've been actively trying to make changes, but unfortunately things can't change immediately. Maybe it's a good thing though since I'd forgotten how it'd felt to be physically tired. I need to readjust myself.

hmm.. I still haven't finalized my "realistic" new year's resolution. I have five so far but it didn't seem to be enough somehow. Seems like they're achievable before the half mark of the year - so what should I aim at afterwards? hahaha! (This is me aiming at the moon again..) sigh. Guess I could just settle with the five and elaborate or be more specific with what I have right now.

hmm.. listening to JMs' albums now. (James Morrison and Jason Mraz.) As a whole.. The two aren't exceptionally good, which is sad. I always get sad when I listen to their albums actually. hahha! Knowing what they're capable of.. bah! But they are both awesome.. and they do come up with one or two songs that I can fall in love with ♥
Anyone wants to get me Mraz's ticket? Late birthday present maybe? *hint* (Although it isn't really a hint, is it? hahha!)
Listen to this! : Butterfly by Mraz
HAWTT!! It gets my imagination kinda crazy. hahahahha! (Crazy hormones.. *cries*)

Oh right.. earlier I was talking to this girl; Nadia, and she asked if I have a boyfriend and I said, yes but he's not around, blablabla then she said, "aren't you planning to be enganged or something..?" HAHAHHAHHA!! That got me kinda hysterical.. Funny stuff from some stranger, I must say.
You're not supposed to get excited, okay hunny..

mm.. now, that's a sign that I should stop writing. It's been a joyless week all around except for bits where Boyfie is concerned and I don't think anyone wants to read me gush about him all the time. (Except him of course, but I can write a letter for that.)


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