Friday, January 16, 2009


So many things going on in the past few days but non of them are worth telling. Sad, really. And what makes it even more sad, I'm tired of the nothingness.. but in the same time I'm afraid of change -- and I need change!

Anyway, my parents are nagging.. not at me specifically but the point is, they're nagging.. about Dida.. 'cause she had an accident. sheesh. It's boring really. I lost count of the times she'd been in an accident. sigh.
My parents are annoyed about it. I couldn't bring myself to care as I am just too tired. Emotionally and mentally, I suppose.

Honestly, I would pass out if passing out had been my thing. blah.
Tired tired.. bored. Bored of being tired.
Impressively, I am not depressed even the slightest! Just pissed off for most of the part.


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