Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Team Jacob ftw!

Boyfie would really hate that I said that, but I've come to feel that all my friends sums up to "Team Jacob". They're all Jacob; my best-men.. The people I go to when my Edward isn't around. They're absolutely irritating at times but they make me laugh too! We probably shouldn't be doing half the things that we do.. but Edward will understand, right? Right? And this Bella wouldn't fail to hate herself a bit and beat herself up for wanting to be around Jacob. heehee ♥
What ever it is.. my dear dear distractions.. Thank you!

2009 has been.. hmm.. I don't know.
I saw some old acquaintances on New Year's Eve. School mates that I've never spoken to! hahhaha! (I have a lot of that actually..) I've always been pretty sociable.. but I don't socialize so I'm always surrounded by the same ole' people in school. So anyway.. I talked to some of them.. I also made a new sorta-friend whom Alia is now convinced to be syok with me. sheesh.

It's an interesting new year, honestly. Especially when two of my friends made such a distinct resolution..
Ana wants to look for a boyfriend..
And Rudy actually said that he doesn't want to have a girlfriend all year. I am SO tempted to get the two together somehow. It'd be like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, no? hahahhahahhahahhahhaha!
Sometimes I forget that I live in the real world. heehee.

So anyway, I spent New Year's Eve having a karaoke with Cik Alia, Arep, Idris and Rudy. (Another five of our friends were in the next room 'cause we couldn't get in one big room together -- which was fine, really.) The night was super fun. The boys were CRAZY and absolutely entertaining. ♥
We were singing 'til almost 3 am, then headed to Idris' place to have some snacks and drinks, and Johanz and Alia sent me home at 4. Thank youuuu!

Then on Friday I met up with Ana in KLCC 'cause I had nothing better to do. We walked to Pavillion and as usual.. sat around at Coffee Bean. haha! (Is it getting old, Ana?) Then later Amjad, Zam and AzraaiHasry joined us. (err.. I typed his full name because AzraaiHasry is Ana's friend and even though I have a bunch of nicknames for my Azraai, it just feels wrong to call any other person "Azraai" somehow. Nobody can replace MY Pet Fiancé Rai! nu uhh! hahahhaha!)

On Saturday I went hanging out with Dida and her friends... and came home that night feeling feverish.
So Sunday was spent feeling horrible; a cough, flu and fever. The new year had definitely started with a BANG!! I'm glad to tell you that I'm only left with the cough now.. with my head slightly spinning, but it's alright.

So that's basically how I'd spend the first week of the new year. No idea how the rest of the year is going to pan out and honestly I don't think I should bother trying to figure it out just yet.
Hope you guys will have a wonderful 2009..


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