Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just waiting around for Alia (and Johanz) to come pick me up.
This waiting is really making me anxious.
Papa kept trying to make me go to Seremban earlier. (since the train stops at Seremban too..)
And Mama thought I was having a fever 'cause I felt warm. (yeah, she was oddly cool earlier..)
Ah well, I'm glad that they went out. At least they can't keep asking me when I'm going out. heh.
I think I got everything.. tickets, passport.. clothes.. kinda wish that my bag isn't too full.. bah!
On a different note, I'm tempted to get a haircut. Soonish.. I don't know.. I'm really not crazy about this mess that is my hair.
Okie. I'm going to get a drink and calm myself.

See you soon Boyfieee!!


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