Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in Shah Alam.

aah.. that was a long, boring journey back. But the train arrived on time and Dida had great timing (very rare!) that she came to pick me up just seconds after I walked out through one of the exit doors.
The car ride was nice.. normal conversations, nothing odd; which was exactly what I'd wanted.

I was in a pretty good mood getting back; knowing that I have a parcel waiting for me. (hehe. I love pressies, what can I say?) I walked into the house with Mama waiting at the door ♥ while Papa stayed at his seat but kept looking my way. (My parents missed meee! heehee!) I like those little things they do when I get back after being away. Guess I won't get that much once I actually start working. ah well.. I'll just cherish these moments then!

Okay, so I went into the bedroom and my sister pointed to me the huge parcel Sheryl gave me. Really. It was HUUUGE!!! Inside were a few pairs of awesome socks ♥ and enough candies (lollipops!) to get me hyper 'til Halloween. hahaha!
If you're reading this, Sher.. thank youu sooo muuuchhh!!! Love it LOVE IT LOVE ITTT!!

Anyway, I've got some few things to look forward to this weekend. Laundry first thing in the morning, football at the stadium with Dida in the evening.. and the beach on Sunday! I haven't seen the kiddies in AGES! I do get a bit jealous when everyone comes back from visiting Nina's family with new funny stories about the kids, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Oh! And I'm getting Dida to watch a movie with me next week. hehe.

Should get some rest soon.. maybe.
I'm missing you, hunny..


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