Friday, February 20, 2009

Blast from the past!

ah yes.. nothing amazing about this picture. Just the unimpressive view from the kitchen window. So why is it on my blog?
It's the light. The yellow tint in the light this afternoon reminds me of my days growing up in this house. hehe.

We live in the top most floor so to have my friends actually climb up the stairs to get me out to play is such a rarity. (I don't think it ever happened actually.) So my friends used to call me out to play by shouting out my name from the parking lot downstairs. heehee. O yeah; "Wanie.. Waniee.." then I'd stick out my head from the window. Ah.. the days without cellphones.

Then there were days when my friends and I did too much running around and got really thirsty. There was this one vending machine at one of the blocks, but us kids.. we don't really carry purses/wallets when we go out to play and carrying coins in your pocket and hear it jingle as you run was just not cool.

"Paa.. Pa.."
and my dad sticks his head out from the kitchen window. (Nobody else ever stuck their head out, oddly.)
"Nak syiling plis!" (Can I have some coins, please?)
then my father's head disappeared for a minute and returned with enough coins for me to get a soda in a tied plastic bag in his hand -- then he'd throw it in my direction and I'd avoid from getting hit by it. heehee.

I like my funny childhood. I'm glad I had friends calling me out to play practically everyday. hehe. Come to think about it, I've always had some friend calling me out to play throughout my life. hmm.. Except for that time which also happened to be the darkest period of my life, go figure.

Oh, this was taken last week.. See that bar with the word 'Connecting..'? I can't help but really stare at that bar everytime I wait for a page to load T_T
It drives me crazy every single time really.

Oh.. hmm.. I really ought to start packing.. bah!
And and.. on a very different note.. Teves cut his hair!! yayy!


myhann said...

That Connecting bar is so annoying kan. Lagi bengang when the "Check your tools > settings" pops out. Haih

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahhahahaha! oh yess.. or 'contact your network' ke apentah..

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