Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm not a fan of religous blogs. I usually avoid them. Some sounded like phonies.. trying SO hard to get people to believe that their religion is "the best". Yes, God is Great.. if people can't see it, you don't need to shove it in their faces. You don't have to JUST talk about religion and God. Wasatiah.. do everything moderately.. seriously.
Some blogs on the other hand.. ah.. sounded so genuine that I wish I was in their place. They don't even need to be an Islamic blog but everytime I read about their relationship with God, I'd feel so inadequate and jealous to the point where I can cry. (Envy; one of the 7 cardical sins! eeep!)
So I click away!

I suppose I've always been pretty liberal when it comes to religion. I know what I'm supposed to do. I know when I'm not doing it. And I definitely know when I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to. hahahahha!
But I don't need these people to remind me of what I know. 'Cause I KNOW! Seriously, I do.. but the surest way of making me wander further away is by telling me to come back -- and sit still.
I am a Muslim by name, and I hate saying that. But to say "I'm Muslim" makes me feel like a hypocrite. Iman.. rasa di dalam hati, kuatkan dengan perkataan dan perbuatan. Faith, feel it in your heart, strengthen them with words and actions..
mmph. I get two out of three.

This morning's entry is influenced by this blog. It's written by a Muslim-convert/revert(?) and I find her stories amazing. She has more faith than I do. And she's a teacher too! Her patience is daunting.. truly.

I just decided to start packing. Yeah. Give me more time to be distracted.. put things in my backpack.. then get them out.. I really do hate packing. I can't seem to know what I'm bringing with me; even after I've planned my outfits -- with doodles even! Okay, I guess I can be quite the control freak but in my defence.. I used to want to be a fashion designer (when I was eleven to thirteen) so doodling what I am going to wear is.. err.. fun! hahahha

Now, I'm not really crazy about Miley Cyrus, but I LOVE her latest song; The Climb. This is probably the 2nd song of hers that I like (love). Okay. 3rd really. rawr! Don't judge meee! I'm a sucka for good lyrics!

Oh, I did this test last year and yesterday.. (a quiz on your beliefs.) Well, apparently I was a Reformed Jew in October and now I'm a Sikh.

Okie. Nothing more to write for the time being. 'Til later! (perhaps..)


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