Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Filter button ftw!

I still think that the filter button is a brilliant idea, hun.
You know.. maybe like having the BCG-scar acting as a button that stops you from saying things that you shouldn't be saying. Press it and it'll filter out the unnecessary details that would've come out of your mouth. Stops me from being tactless with my "honesty". blah.
But you know me..
I won't start hiding things from you.. bleh

It's been an odd few couple of days.
I think I've learned something. But that something concerns the Boyfie so I won't share it here. After all, it's MY lesson to learn and not anyone else's.
But gah! It's weird feeling like this. If only I could run to him.

To have spent your life thinking about yourself.. and realizing that it's not so much about you alone anymore. I thought I heard the seconds stopped ticking. Everything I thought I knew was an entirely new thing.
mmph. Role-switch ftl!
But maybe that's why it works.. for me anyways.
And I can't bring myself to even want to change it in any way.

I'm so in love, it's ridiculous.

yeah. But I'm listening to this T_T


HFX said...

filter button?

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