Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lets see..

I've been contemplating about getting Eeva a card since she told everyone that she's sending out V-Day cards.
Then, before I could actually decide, her card arrived! eeep! Sofia even drew for me! ♥ heehee. So, I decided to write a thank you note with one of my cutesy startioneries.. but to start, I will have to retrieve my boxful of cutesy-things that I acquired while I was still in high-school (and very much into cutesy things.)
It's been ages since I got the box down from the top of the bookshelf and to no surprise, it was covered in 8-inches of dust.

Naturally, when I took out my old things, I'd spend a good few hours perusing over it..
So there are my small collection of stationeries that I can't bring myself to use.. and dude! Filtering papers (err.. kertas turas!) that I stole from the science labs! (Also, I can't bring myself to use.) I wish we could get those easily but we can't! I used to use those to write messages back in school. bahahhaha! ♥

Also in that box was my old Cardcaptor Sakura organiser that I used when I was 16-17. Macam la organized pon! (I was so childish, I should be embarrassed. And I would be if I have matured, but I don't think I have! haha!)

I also kept a few old cards in that box apparently.
You're not the only one with the momentos!
You gave me that 2 years too late, tau! You said it yourself in the card. You were funny at seventeen, Pet. Now just irritating. What happened to you? hahahha!

Anyway, after choosing the stationery that I wanted to use.. I had to look for a marker, (one of the paper I'm using is glossy) so I retrieved my box of design-stuff.
To those who didn't know.. I was a design major, hence the 5 shades of gray for shading my "drawings".
I suck at both drawing and shading though. I'm artsy-mediocre. heehee

So! That's basically how I'd spent my afternoon. Looking through old things and remembering old stuff.. and not at all starting on the note I wanted to send to Eeva and Sofia. (Or looking through my archives as I mentioned earlier.) HAHAHAHHA!
That should explain why I didn't make any plans in my organizer, honestly. Pointless. heehee.


Amara Maëlle said...

i love how you keep all those stationeries, cards and planners. <3
and the box...that you keep them in xD <3

/me hi5s wanie

i have like one box (ok maybe 2) of old stationeries and planners which date back to my high school years. xD

Monkey's Bunny said...

/me high fives back! ♥

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