Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh bloody h....

Hate me in ways
Yeah ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

I wish I could stop myself the very second my music player plays Blue October's Hate Me. Yeah.
Damn it!

I went out with Alia last night.
That girl was from her office and came to pick me up at about 11pm. sheesh. She mentioned about sending a cake to a friend and yes hunny, me being me - eagerly said "okay!", assuming that the friend was a girl for what ever reason.
So anyway.. we got there (a piece of roadway that leads to nowhere) and greeted by the sight of bright lights, an ambulance, a police truck, some more cars and a bunch of motorbikes.

We found ourselves at a shooting set where Rudy is driving Alex's car for one scene. I'm not really into cars or showbiz so.. meh! It was impressive the first time I saw the car drift around.. but of course, they had to take the scene again and again for "perfection" so after the third time, all I could say was.. "oookay.. next!"
Didn't happen as I would like it to though. I think they did the same thing a few more times and then stopped -- Rudy walked over to us and said that he'd drove the car 'til the clutch plate was worn out. haha! Alex wasn't too happy about that.

So anyway, the birthday person turned out to be O'an, (or Ohan, as Alia had ordered it to be spelled on the cake/brownie!) Rudy's brother.
Seems like I keep meeting new people these days. It just seem that way though. I don't exactly have their contact numbers or anything. Idris sent me home last night and I never asked for his number! And I've known the guy since high school. hahahaha.

I woke up too early again today. 7+.. seriously.
Got myself out of the house at 10+ and came home at 12+ 'coz I can't think of what else to do outside.
I got my tickets... and I've told my dad...
Guess I'm gonna suck it up.. pack my things next week.. go to Singapore.. and meet the parents. AAAAAAAAAAACKKKK!!
yeah yeah, sure I'm going there to see Boyfie, but aaaaaccckkkk!!
Freak out!!!!

Oh dear God, I hope I'll be in my best behaviour. Please please.


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