Monday, February 16, 2009


You have no friends in common.
Person found you using the Friend Finder.

How did that person find me when I don't remember who she is..? I'm horrible. Honestly. I don't think I was ever that popular to have people knowing me when I don't know them! So.. the only other explanation is.. AMNESIA.

Read Mraz's latest entry? I like his would've-speech.
Sounds exactly like it was from the person who wrote I'm Yours. hahahha! I'm a sucker for people who reflect on themselves apparently.

Alia asked if I wanted to go to Mraz's concert since Rihanna's would probably be on after his. bleh.. I wish money grew on trees.
meh. I would love to go. But I think my heart will break having to listen to I'm Yours and Lucky by *myself*. gah! See, I wouldn't care about these things if I was single. rawr!

If I actually had something to write about, this would've been a longer entry. But probably not since the fingers on my left hand are hurting after I played my guitar earlier today. gah! It wasn't nice to be reminded that playing it still hurts.. and that I still suck at it. Ah well.. guess I will just have to settle for listening to other people playing it then. ♥

Oh..! That person.. I think she was a housemate during my third year. Was she? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!


Debzie said...

i <3 jason mraz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amara Maëlle said...

haha...i actually find the "people you know" portion of FB kinda weird. i haven't really used it. :P

and meh...people who add you who you "knew" from way back then...i find them quite...annoying :x

hi wanieeee

wheee i'm enjoying reading...lalalla...

I loved hearing about you telling your parents through text...and about your mom. lol! idk how they'd react if i actually did that before...
/me is a sneaky kid too :p

/me hugs wanie xD <3

Monkey's Bunny said...

hi Julieeeee!!

I never used that 'people you may know' tool! like seriously.. I don't even look for my actual friends. I prefer them to add me and not I add them -- 'coz I don't wanna seem too much like a social butterfly. rofl

but that girl didn't use that tool apparently. (or it would've said so) I think you need to enter an email address for 'friend finder'..?

and yah Debz!! Jason Mrazz!! ♥

K said...

eh im going to mraz's concert. buy laa the rm88 tickets its free seating can seat w me and my friends, if u want. hehe

Monkey's Bunny said...

Kirah.. you have lots of money.. why the 88 tix?? :P
JM's concert spoiled me lah.. if I'm going, I'd like to be cloooose. haha

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