Saturday, March 14, 2009

2nd Feedback to Facebook.

1. I don't need real time feeds on EVERYTHING that EVERYONE does.
2. the tabs on Status and News Feed WORKS! why change it?
3. everything on the Home page looks the same!! statuses, wall posts.. how is that EASIER for users?
4. I need to scroll down.. waaayy down for my pokes. it's NOT convenient.
5. yes, I know I can filter what I'd like to see on the Home page -- but WHY make me do all the work. seriously.
6. the Highlights sidebar is too long.. too big.. too annoying, really.
7. twice layout "update" in one year is TOO MUCH and unnecessary.

I know that everyone hates the last layout when you changed it but they end up getting a hang of it anyway.. but this.. THIS! seriously. please stop changing the layout when there was no demand for it and it wasn't bugged'. stop forcing on us new layouts. this is making me so weary of Facebook. really tiring and frustrating.

I used to log on because I enjoyed using Facebook. but now I only log on because I have to -- only because my friends are on this.
I might just log on through my mobile if this keeps up.

yeah.. I decided to send Facebook my feedback on the new Home page every single day that I log in and get frustrated by it. Really. Looking at the new Home page first thing in the morning is by FAR, no way to start the day.

Incidentally, I used to write "formal" emails (to lecturers.. people in finance department..) just like this. The things I try to convey are in points.. but they were very emotional. haha!


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