Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Completely forgot to take pictures since we were pressed on time. Could've had her unnaturally straight hair recorded! hahahaha! (Could've taken food-pics for Debzie too! blah. Fail!)
She called this morning and asked me some things that obviously came from something she read from this blog and wanted to have lunch together -- typical Bahijah! Always too busy for anything and then finally catching up on things all at one go.

Ah well, that's why I have this blog anyway. I'm not exactly the type who calls up my friends to ask them how things are going or tell them how things are doing for myself..
I'm happy that this blog served its purpose. woohoo! Go blog!

Anyway, as I told some things to Bahijah, she couldn't stop staring and claiming that I've grown up and have finally bloomed. Ooookay!
It's amusing how the things I say can get people to stare at me. They always seem so surprised like I've made some drastic change when I haven't really. I still feel like the same person I ever was. Only difference is I am now moving somewhere instead of being stuck.
Come to think of it, the only person who has never been surprised with the things I said was Musz. (Naturally!) She'd stare too but then she'd nod along, always knowing what my thoughts are capable of.. but I'm not too sure if she'd still be unsurprised these days. I can't remember the last time we actually talked..

So, that's how my day went basically. When I got back, Boyfie insisted that I take a nap since I didn't get much sleep last night -- and I did. (woaah!)
Hopefully I won't have trouble sleeping tonight. (since my nap was 3 and a half hours long!)


Girl That Jumps said...

.... aaaannnndd you love me :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

sure I do :P

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