Monday, March 02, 2009

Family-filled weekend!

wheeee! Went to watch football with Dida on Saturday night. Selangor vs. Kelantan at the Shah Alam Stadium. The turnout was really impressive (probably since both teams are at the top of the table.) Like seriously.. the Kelantan fans beats the Perak and Kedah fans turnout.

Dida and I cursed a LOT that night! Really.. we haven't been cursing that much in a long, looong while, but EVERYTHING goes that night. I can't recall the times I shouted at the referee to just drop dead. The linesmen too. But mostly the ref. His obvious biasedness is incredible. And he is TOO generous with his cards! Seriously! 2 red cards and half a dozen yellow ones. Seriously!! He was awful!

The whole night was really exciting, I must say. Despite the idiocy of the ref, Selangor still managed to win by 3 goals to nil. Not to mention that there was a fight between the fans -- polices were involved (good thing Dida and I weren't sitting too close to that area) and the typical casualty of a matchday; the stadium's plastic seats. Dida scolded one guy about it, which I commend her for. I almost scold one other guy but I couldn't bring myself to be reckless. (Usually I'd feel prepared to have a fight to do things like that, but I promised that I'd take care of myself.. so I minded my own business.)

Honestly I don't get these people. If they love the team, they should love the stadium too. Just thinking about these vandals is pissing me off. Stupid morons. I wish them death.

Moving on..
I was in Seremban on Sunday with the whole family. We stayed at Nina's place before going to Port Dickson later in the afternoon. I was feeling a tad anxious to swim around so I just wade about.. goofing around with Nina, which was fun!

Then it started raining.. really heavily on our way back from the beach.
But that turned out to be really fun too since I get to run around in the rain once we get to Nina's house. It was freezing cold so I chattered my words the whole time. Oddly enough, the kiddies didn't join me and Dida in the rain.
hmm.. who were the real kids actually? hahahha!

Dida and I are catching a movie later. I don't know why but I'm kinda excited about going. weird. I'm not too excited about having to get a shower later though. hahahha!


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