Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My friend is getting married.

okay, it's not exactly shocking since she isn't my only friend who is getting married. I have a couple of married friends, but this is Hanis I'm talking about. I've known her since I was fourteen! I can dimly recall the early stages of her relationship with Zul.
Ah well.. after so many years together, I'm really happy that they're finally going to make it official. Kinda funny though.. I really can't see Hanis being horny or the likes of it. HAHAHHAHAHHA!!
Sorry.. sorry.. It's just usually, in weddings.. when it's my time to meet the bride and groom and wish them all the nice things, I'd usually say some pretty inappropriate things.. but I should probably save that from Hanis, right? heehee. Zul could probably take it. hahahhahha!!
oy vey. I miss them.

Anyway, if I hadn't been with Boyfie, I'd probably freak out by the news of Hanis getting married. You could say that Sylly had prepped me for marriage.. kinda. Not entirely though. But he'd planted the idea even before our 2nd monthsary.. the crazy kid. So I no longer get freaked out by the "M" word. hehe.
(Doesn't mean that I want to get married now, okie Boyfie. rawr!)

Speaking of the devil, I honestly cannot imagine how I would've been without him. I haven't been at my best lately but I am SO GLAD that I have him with me. I was actually saving that Beyonce song for April but it couldn't wait. heehee.

I love you, Sylly.
I never knew that I needed you until I did.

..and I'm sorry that I'm still awake at this hour, but you have class tomorrow morning and the sms rule does not apply. heehee!
I'm missing youuuu!!!

Oh. I'm pretty okay now. Having the Sub of the Day (Subway) and wanton noodle (OnlyMee) for dinner definitely helped.
I wonder how I should spend my day tomorrow.. I'll probably doodle or write a letter :D


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