Saturday, March 21, 2009

nothing specific..

I was bored.. so I read this. haha!
Well.. some ideas were too boring for me to try out honestly, but some sounds fine. bleh. But of course, to be able to do those stuff I would have to be able to SEE my man, first. gah!

The Champions League quarter/semi-final draw was yesterday and when I told my sister that Liverpool is going to play Chelsea for quarter finals, the first thing she said was; "aawhh.. poor Chelsea."
Well, we'll root for Chelsea of course. HAHAHHAHA!
Papa laughed when Dida and I were talking about football earlier. Dida was saying how "hero kalah dulu.." (heroes loses first -- ie; Ultraman, Power Rangers..) and I chimed in with "just because we lost one battle, doesn't mean that we're losing the war!"
Dida went on how we'll bounce back.. and yeah, that's when Papa chuckled; that his daughters were talking about Man United as "we".

ah.. typical really. And in one week, "we" will also mean Team Ferrari! woot wooot! I'm still pretty bummed that I'll miss this year's race. But I think I'll be more bummed if I can't go to Kota Kinabalu since Dida had already paid for the tickets. Plus, Alia is going too.. so.. I don't know.
I really hope that the job training won't start on the 6th.

hmm.. There's a bunch of things to think about the job really.
And the only reason that I think about it is Boyfie. hmm.. Long gone the days when I can be absolutely careless and selfish. hahahha!
But this life is way better than those old days, really. So.. we'll just have to figure things out in time yah, hunny?

Oh, another interesting article to read on
Well, not really THAT interesting but things like these always make me think.. a little, since.. bleh. Not going to talk about it right here right now. hehe.

I'm heading to Seremban once Dida's done with her work. (We're at her office right now.) The Kiddies were talking about the beach.. sigh.
I'm really not the beach-going type of girl. Is that weird?
Ah well.. have a good weekend everyone!


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