Friday, March 13, 2009

Pagi pagi dah buat sakit hati.

The new layout of the Facebook Home page makes me want to cry.. in between of punching something.

Then my friends who were using Plurk were spamming each other.. and I wouldn't have any problem with that really, if they hadn't synchronized their Plurk with Facebook AND Twitter!! SERIOUSLY!! I love them, but I'd like to smack them square for not containing their spam activities in just one place. What's the point of having two microblogs when both of them are saying the same thing? Really? This is a question.
Hey, there's Jaiku and Yammer too! Let's get on those as well! -- okay, that was me being sarcastic. ughhhh!!!

I should probably say that I'm having a headache right now. I couldn't sleep last night and I woke up too early this morning 'coz it was bright outside.
I hate everything about today. I hate it. I HATE IT!!
Boyfie is feeling under the weather so I told him to just go rest.
yeah.. so now I'm all by myself and feeling like crap! I HATE EVERYTHING!!!!
Just.. SOD OFF to everything!

I am just.. so PISSED OFF right now and there is no other word for it.
It's no wonder that I'm failing one of my resolutions this year.


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