Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor pensive Papa.

I scared my old man last night.

Okay. First, the parents, Dida and myself went to Nina's place in Seremban and spent the weekend there. The Kiddies had wanted to go to the beach but it was really hot and it made us all oh-so lazy to get out of the house.
So we spent the whole Sunday indoors; cooking, eating, napping, lazing, talking, laughing.. making jokes at the expence of everyone.. hahaha!

So anyway.. the parents are staying over for the week and I was waiting for Dida to be done with her shower before we make our way back to Shah Alam. I was resting my head on Papa's lap on the sofa (iye.. manja.. suka la! wekk!) and.. Wanie's crazy questions commence!

Pa, how big are you on traditions?
Pretty big.
So.. when it comes to weddings, you'd want your children to have all those engagement ceremony stuff..?
If we're not having it then we won't have it at all, but if we are, we'll do it properly..
mmph.. and I've never been very big on ceremonies.. I'd prefer to do it the **omputeh way; come home one day and announce, "look! I have a riiing!" (laughs) but hmm.. okay.
**omputeh - white people/English/American
Papa remained serious.

I kept asking him some crazy silly questions that probably most children wonder about but never actually ask their parents;
How would you feel if Dida wants to get married?
What ever makes her happy..
How would you feel if Dida wants to get married this year?
What ever makes her happy..

How crucial is it for you to meet the guy's parents?
Is it important for you to like them?
Is it important for you to get along with them?
Aren't you concerned that Dida's still unmarried?
Aren't you concerned if I don't want to get married?
Aren't you concerned.. at all, if your children becomes a spinster?

There's a bunch more but I'm starting to forget those. Although, this was my favourite;
Am I scaring you with my questions?
You're scared that I'll get married?
You're scared that I want to get married.
What he meant was, he accepted the idea of me getting married one day.. just as long as it is nowhere soon.

Then Nina comes over and I filled her in on the conversation..
Papa, you're scared if Wanie wants to get married? She'll be 25 this year. I had a kid when I was 25.
Yes, but I'm not ready.

DUM DUM DUMMM.. (dramatic score)

hahahha! I could see pretty clearly that tears pooled in his eyes. (Not that I enjoy being able to do that.) I know that he didn't like these talks.. the questions I asked him sometimes.
Most times I wonder if I should spare him from my curiosity. It's been pretty clear how my questions could make him feel uncomfortable. But I'm too selfish to keep my questions to myself. When I need to know -- I need to know.

But.. yeah.. talks like these are better to have when we're not facing each other. It just makes it a lot more harder since our faces (or eyes) are so easy to read. I laughed and giggled a lot with my questions but with every one of his answers, it made me think.

Ah well.. as much as I want to be with Boyfie, I'm not exactly ready for marriage yet, so it's cool. Papa was smart to not say that I "cannot" get married soon, 'coz if he did.. naturally, I would want to.. just because. hahahha!
Dida reckons that I am unpredictable with the things that I do and say (mostly because she knows that I am capable of doing and saying anything) and she reckons that Papa feels the same way too -- which is a cause for his worry that I asked all those questions. heehee.

Honestly, I only asked because I was just curious..
Okay, I needed to know. hahahhaha!
I am sensing that Papa would want to know what triggered these questions. Help! I need to come up with a lie. hahahha! I honestly don't want him to really get into my head. That space is exclusive to me and Boyfie alone. (And he's only there because he invited himself in. heehee!)


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