Thursday, April 02, 2009

New brushes!

wheee! Geeky mode.
I've been meaning to get them but I keep getting distracted. sigh. The story of my life. So I've been spending the last hour just creating templates for the next time I edit pictures for this blog. I'd honestly like to doodle but thinking that I spent about 5 hours on my seriously lame art-project yesterday, I figured that I should be staring at something else than my Moleskine and not get my hands covered in chalk pastels and ink blots. (I'm such a child!)

ughh. I'm missing Boyfie so naturally I looked through our pictures and well.. it's NOT helping!
This is incredibly annoying.
Oh sigh.

Supposedly one would think about pranks yesterday, but really.. I was thinking of something else the entire day.. heh.

Okay, I'm boring myself. Maybe I should just go doodle some stuff. hahahhaha. oy..


HFX said...

lol@thinkin of summin else =p

Monkey's Bunny said...

but I'm pretty sure that it's not what you think it is :P

HFX said...

hey my mind is cleaner than urs! =p

Monkey's Bunny said...

sure sure..

HFX said...

aww... i feel ya..

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