Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The bit where I smell like somebody else.

Okay, it's late.. I know.. but I think I should take a quick shower. I don't like the thought of going to bed while I smell like someone else. So.. so.. SO.. not me. Even if I stink, I'd rather it to be MY stink, and not someone else's perfume or cologne.. it's starting to drive me crazy! (Not in a very good way.)

I did pretty good in my exam earlier. Could've done better though. (Oh dude, I have a very high expectation of myself.. only reason why I get so easily depressed most times.)
I'm hoping that my friends who'd have to re-sit the paper this Wednesday would score really well. (Oh yes, we have re-sits too! Who says being a steward/stewardess is easy? YOU WISH!) [I really should start writing my entry for the company's blog..]

I need to update my profile picture soon. I've switched back to an older pic than of me in my uniform though. I've been getting some unknown "friend" requests and it's bugging me. And I have some guy (with no profile pic and ONE friend) who sent me a message just to ask me to tell him more about my career. WTH?! Like I would respond. I don't take our tagline THAT seriously.
I do not want oddballs and stalkers as friends, thank you very much.

So, note to people who'd like to add me on Facebook (if there are any!), please say something and not just add me and expect me to treat Facebook like anyone would treat MySpace. [Because then I'd think of you as an oddball or a stalker, as mentioned above.] Seriously. (But honestly, I generally do not add anyone that I have no friends in common with. That's basically my thumb rule. hehe)

Okay. Need my shower.
Then I have less than 5 hours to sleep before the craziness starts again.


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