Sunday, May 17, 2009

A happy Wanie..

(read: A hyper Wanie..)

is a well fed Wanie.


Such a difference between last night and today.
Loads of thanks to Dida. We went to the mall earlier and got some good food, and good buys. I am HAPPY to announce that I can now wear skirts to work without getting blisters on my feet! (I used to have to borrow my mom's heels but now I have my own pair! yayyy!)

I still haven't done my assignment (or washed the gunk off my face!) so I should stop writing this blog and start working on my work. Feeling so lazy though. I'm not really fond of "typing" notes.


H said...

wanie ive reopened my blog, its filled with angst, enough for everyone. garr

lil^witch said...

I no longer have your url! T_T
all my bookmarks are gone..

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