Saturday, May 23, 2009

My poor abandoned blog..

Perhaps I could say that this week has been the busiest week I've had so far since I started my training. I mean, just look.. Not a single update during the whole weekday! (and I didn't shoot a single photograph!)

I had two exams in Wednesday, my re-test on my "announcement-making" skills on Thursday.. a bunch of dance practices.. and LOADS of mood swings along the way.
I did alright in both of the exams.. scored well enough, but I expected more. hahaha! It's just annoying when I had a good thing going on and then comes FOH (Fundamentals of Hospitality) to ruin my good streak. gah!
But I'm happy to say here that I got rated for my announcement test! weeehoo! (Basically I now have the license to talk on the PA system on board.. hehhe!)

There will be another exam on Monday.. (woohoo! *sarcastically*) and then my batch will start our safety programme. SEVENTEEN DAYS worth of safety programme. And they say that it'll be the hardest subject of all the subjects we've gone through so far.

Feels like all I do these days is talk about my training. I think I'm getting bored. Looking forward to next weekend when I should have something more exciting to talk about. hehe.

I've been meaning to start my entry for the company's blog, but I can't seem to fake enthusiasm right now. (Not that I wish to fake it, but since I am clearly not enthusiastic about it at the moment.. I can't even fake it!)
I'm coughing so much so suddenly. blah!


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

i tau camne you bule start your blog tue...

you start ngan quote mr lee... hahaha

"be good.. or be good at it" heheheh

Adi Mohamed said...

version baru, terfikir masa nak comment entry ni.. 'behave or behavin it' XD

Monkey's Bunny said...

Alif: it's Mr Lim laa.. not Lee.. isyk isykk..
kecik ati Mdm Mel you got her husband's name wrong :P

Adi Mohamed: err..?

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