Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am one huge, giant mess.

Here's one thing about me, (for those who didn't know)..
I laugh to keep myself from crying.
But then there are days when I can no longer find things to laugh about. Days when I realize that my smiles aren't even 'smiles'. Days when I say that I'm fine but all I want to do really is shout at the top of my lungs that I am not.

I've been really moody these days, I know. I can't seem to stop the streak somehow.
And I feel bad that my batch mates had to see me like this. I am like a spoilt brat and I hate it.

You know how they say that a woman's hormones go berserk when they are pregnant?
I am SO not looking forward to that. If I feel like trash when I am not pregnant, what are the chances that I won't feel lower than dirt when I am?

Sorry you had to read my depressive rants for the past week. I'M sorry to be feeling this way.


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