Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have you inside of me.

I love Singapore. hehe.
I suppose I should say that I love the person who is in Singapore. Despite the country being known for having a hectic lifestyle (really? hahahha!) but I always feel calm when I'm here.
I love my Boyfie and the calming effects he brings me. ♥
sigh. I have no idea what I'd do without him.. what I'd BE without knowing him.

Okay, I'm in a mushy mode.

Safety exams went alright. It pains me whenever I remember Dida's words to me some time ago. She said that I have the tendency to screw up more the more I try to be perfect.

So I tried getting full marks for my exams.. but I kept making one friggin' mistake on the papers! It's heartbreaking, really. Makes me want to quit trying the next time. (I really should kiss the best student award goodbye. hahahhaha!)
I guess I should be thankful anyway. I didn't exactly study my manual.. and I earned my marks fair and square. Try imagine if I actually READ!! hahahhahaha!!

I'm starting to feel a bit blue that Saturday is ending. I'm making my way back to reality tomorrow and I haven't had enough of Boyfie. I'm pretty glad that there won't be anything stressful going on next week though. No exams (I think) but our in-flight observation thing during the weekend. eep!
I'm excited, but also nervous. What if I only know how to score my papers but I don't really know my way around the plane? ugghh!

I should focus on writing my safety notes next week.
Except that I'm basically not really keen for next week to even start.
hmm.. I really don't know how to take things as they come, apparently.

'Til next time!
I should spend my precious seconds with my guy.


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